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Crab and fried green tomato salad

Saturday, May 26th, 2012

Today, thanks to my in-laws borrowing the preschooler for the day, we got a lot of work done around the house. For the couple of hours before they took her off on a grand adventure, I took her to the farmer’s market. At one booth, four lovely green tomatoes glowed at me like the Holy Grail of produce. I had to buy them. I knew my husband was at home chopping and stacking firewood in 90-degree weather (because really, what better time to do it?) and he’d be working up an appetite. But he’d also be hot and sweaty and wouldn’t want to eat anything hot or heavy. I recalled a fried green tomato and dungeness crab appetizer at a restaurant we’d gone to in Seattle, and I knew we had a couple of cans of crabmeat in the fridge. An idea was born.

First, since I’d just bought a bunch of cool new oils, I decided that I wanted a mayonnaise-based crab salad. First, I drained a one-pound can of wild-caught crabmeat, to which I added three diced stalks of celery and half a diced green bell pepper (red or yellow would make the salad more colorful). Stir in a tablespoon of lemon juice, a teaspoon of salt, pepper to taste, and a bit of Old Bay if you like. I made my homemade mayonnaise with some avocado oil along with the safflower and olive oil. I used four rounded tablespoons of mayo in the salad, and finally added a few healthy glugs of Tabasco sauce. And back into the fridge it went.

For the fried green tomatoes, I didn’t mess with perfection. I used the wonderful recipe from Paleo Comfort Foods, altering it only to use a different kind of chili pepper, since I didn’t have chipotle. Just look at those beauties!


To plate it, just pile your crab salad on top of whatever greens and veggies you prefer, then put the fried green tomato slices around it. I put some chèvre crumbles on the tomatoes because I’m not dairy-averse, but it would be delicious without them.


Crab, Avocado, and Mandarin Orange Salad

Monday, June 6th, 2011

There are some nights where I get stuck late at work, and I’m always scrambling to put something on the table for dinner that doesn’t take forever. And when it’s 90 degrees outside, you don’t want to do a frittata and heat up the whole kitchen. Today was one of those days. About halfway through my work day, when I had a moment to think and plan, I realized I had a container of crabmeat in the fridge. Costco had a good deal on wild-caught lump crabmeat a few months ago, and as the containers keep in the fridge for months, I bought two. One remained, and I decided to try to mimic a favorite appetizer of mine from McCormick and Schmick’s, a blue crab, mango, and avocado tower. I didn’t have mango, but I knew I had mandarin oranges, so I did some Googling around for a dressing recipe I could use as a base and went from there.

I started with this salad dressing recipe, only leaving out the poppy seeds. Definitely use oranges packed in water rather than any sort of syrup–you can get those at Whole Foods. I added about a quarter to a third of the finished dressing to a well-drained one-pound container of lump crabmeat, just enough to moisten it well and get a little of the flavor into it. Do this in a bowl, and keep the can the crabmeat came in–you’ll use it later. Coarsely chop two ripe avocados.

Since the dressing only calls for half the oranges in the can, save the other half. Pack half of the crabmeat back into the can as firmly as you can get it. Top the crab with half of the saved oranges, then top that with half the chopped avocado. Invert the can onto a plate–if you’re lucky, it’ll keep its tower form. Pour additional dressing around the tower on the plate. Do this again with the other half of the ingredients to make the second serving.

You can do this with ripe mango instead of oranges if you have them. I can attest from having the McCormick and Schmick version that it’s good that way too.

crab avocado tower