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You are what you eat. Eat what you've evolved to eat.


I am a thirtyish guy living in Columbus, Ohio. I have been trying to follow a paleo/primal lifestyle since October of 2009. I have had tremendous success, losing over 50 lbs in 7 months with minimal exercise. I have suffered from gout sine my early twenties but have not taken medication nor had an attack since making this lifestyle change. My joints feel much better as well.

This site will document my journey as I start to add more exercise to my lifestyle and get below 190 lbs for the first time since my teens.


I’m the thirtyish wife of the aforementioned thirtyish guy. After a year of watching his success, I decided that it was about time to make the switch. I’ve currently lost almost thirtyish pounds, with a ways yet to go. I’m also the chef of the family, so I’m the one out there looking for fun Primal recipes. Unless it’s made on the grill, I’m the one making it. I consider a recipe a success if Husband cleans his plate and Toddler doesn’t feed much of it to the dog.

I’ll be posting a lot of recipes with step-by-step pictures, and I’ll also use this blog to keep me honest.

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