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July 19th, 2012 at 20:16

Tonight, since Husband returned from a business trip late last night, I rewarded him by making BLTs. It’s the perfect time of year for them–tomatoes are in season! A good BLT is one of the things I miss the most about eating bread.

Well, thanks to Against All Grain and their lovely cashew-butter based sandwich bread, I don’t have to miss it anymore. This stuff is pretty calorie dense, so I won’t make it frequently, but for a special treat, it’s lovely. I sliced the loaf in half and then lengthwise to get slices that were shaped more like traditional bread, then griddled them in the pan I used to make the bacon, after I poured out all the grease. I think next time I’ll put in just a teaspoon of honey, if any, but that’s the only change I’d make. With crispy bacon, fresh tomatoes, salad greens, and homemade roasted garlic mayonnaise, it was a great summer meal.


  • Against All Grain

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