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Roasted leg of lamb and roasted radishes with radish greens

June 3rd, 2012 at 19:39

This is technically a Game of Thrones feast, but as the recipe was not a reworking of one specifically found in the book, I won’t count it as such.

You’ll want a 4-5 pound bone-in leg of lamb. About two hours before you plan on cooking it, mix three tablespoons of Dijon mustard, a tablespoon and a half of coconut sugar, a tablespoon and a half of minced garlic, a teaspoon of crushed dried rosemary, a teaspoon of salt, and a half-teaspoon of black pepper. Coat your lamb in this mixture and put it in the fridge until it’s ready to go on the grill.


You’ll want to cook it over indirect heat at 350 degrees until a thermometer inserted in the thickest part reaches 125 degrees.


For the radishes, you’ll want a bunch of radishes with greens attached per person. Trim the radishes at root and stem, reserving the greens. Wash both radishes and greens carefully, then coarsely chop the greens. In an ovenproof skillet, heat two tablespoons of olive oil until it shimmers, then toss in the radishes, sprinkle with salt and pepper, and cook for two minutes, stirring occasionally.


Pop the whole pan in the oven and roast for fifteen minutes, turning the radishes once halfway through (I didn’t and probably should have). Put the pan back on the stovetop on medium heat and toss in two tablespoons of butter, stirring to coat the radishes. Then add the greens and toss until they’re wilted, about two minutes. Finish with a splash of lemon juice, about 1-2 tablespoons.


Serve the radishes alongside thinly-sliced lamb, and enjoy eating your Dream of Spring.


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