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Grain-Free Game of Thrones: Eggs with Fiery Dornish Peppers

June 3rd, 2012 at 19:03

One of the highlights of my blogging career (ha!) was when one of the ladies responsible for the awesome ASOIAF food blog, Inn at the Crossroads, posted a comment on one of my grain-free GoT posts last season. They probably did this because I linked to them, but still. They’ve hit the big time now, and published a cookbook. GRRM wrote the intro and everything. Husband surprised me with it two days ago, and I’m already planning some attempts at primalizing many of the recipes.

One that thankfully needed no alterations was their Dornish Breakfast. Husband has been wanting this for ages. Basically, it’s lightly scrambled eggs with “fiery Dornish peppers,” which Inn at the Crossroads approximated with a jalapeño, a cubanelle, two poblanos, an orange bell pepper, two red cherry peppers, and an onion, all coarsely chopped. You save three tablespoons each of the chopped peppers and onion, and finely mince those.

Fry the onion and peppers in olive oil for about ten minutes, (I added saffron salt because it seemed to fit) then add an ice cube, put a lid in them, and steam for another 6-7 minutes. Remove them from the pan, then add more olive oil and put in the minced peppers and onions. Fry those until they’re soft (2-3 minutes) then break six whole eggs into the pan. I added four yolks to that because I had them from the pot pie yesterday. Let those cook until the whites start to set a bit, then sprinkle them with salt, pepper, and some shredded raw cheddar if you want. At that point, scramble the eggs until the whites are done. Serve alongside the reserved pepper and onion mixture.

I served these with some leftover smoked sausage and had a breakfast so hearty that I fasted through lunch even though I spent my morning chasing Preschooler around the zoo.


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